Epson Customer Display DM-D110

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Epson Customer Display DM-D110 USB and RS232  Black/White.

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Epson Customer Display DM-D110BA USB and RS232 Dark Grey/White.

The Epson DM-D110 display is a modern cus­tomer display designed for the shop counter. It presents 2 x 20 shining green characters against a black background. Due to its good readability, eye-pleasing presentation, as well as the compact casing, the display ensures smooth customer interaction in every shop.

Some highlights of the Epson Customer Display DM-D110BA:-

  • Bright vacuum fluorescent display.
  • 2 x 20 characters, 5 mm character size.
  • Readable from every angle.
  • Swivel-mounted display head.
  • RS232 and USB Interface.
  • Colour: Dark Grey or White.

More information can be found HERE with the Cash drawer Data Sheet

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