If you have a business that involves dealing with person-to person sales, then you will have what is referred to in the business as a POS or point of sale. Now that can range from a reception desk where clients pay for dental work or having their hair done, to a checkout for supermarket groceries. Each POS or EPOS (electronic point of sale) will likely have a very varied range of equipment adapted and developed to meet the ever-changing demands of the consumer.

It is a little like having reached the top or a roller coaster ride with a chain lift, only to find yourself hurtling forward with gathering speed. If you think about it, until 1879 the cash register hadn’t even been invented and most store owners just used a pad and paper – offering customers a printed receipt had never been heard of, let alone punching numbers into a machine. It took another 70 years before the next major change took place, the advent of an electronic till with an LED readout in the 1950s.

Then allow another 20 years to pass before the next major change, and the introduction of the barcode in June 1974 on the first ever item, a packet of Wrigleys chewing gum. Now that’s not a huge amount of progress in 100 years, is it?

However move forward only 40 years and you wouldn’t recognise an EPOS any more with touch screens, built in scanners, chip and pin card readers and now the ability to pay using your mobile phone. We hardly have enough time to take in new developments before even newer and more efficient ones appear, necessitating that every business with a POS update and upgrade equipment.

This can eventually become an extremely costly exercise and as a consequence pricing of POS items becomes even more critical. And that’s where EposDepo comes to the fore as a much-needed supplier of POS equipment at very competitive prices.

From scanners to screens, card readers to mobile phone connectors we have it all, and if you give us a call, we will be delighted to quote you for any items you may need, and at prices you might not expect.

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