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POS methods seem to change without warning

EposDepo Swindon POS Point of Sale equipment
POS methods seem to change without warning As consumers we often tend to mutter and mumble under our breath that no sooner have we got used to one thing than something new comes along. Now this is particularly relevant to POS or Point of Sale situations. You see it’s all about speed. Remember the days when you would go to the supermarket and everyone in front of you paid by cheque, even for a .

EPOS – A clever acronym

EPOS DEPO – EPOS and POS products
EPOS is an acronym which is an abbreviation of the more long-winded Electronic Point of Sale. Now that may sound great, but to you or me, it just means the ‘checkout’, that place in a shop where you pay for what you want to buy. Electronic point of sale has been with us for longer than you might have expected. It was back in 1973 that IBM, the computer giant, developed the first electronic .

POS changes more rapidly today than ever before

Epos Depo for all your POS Equipment and EPOS Equipment
If you have a business that involves dealing with person-to person sales, then you will have what is referred to in the business as a POS or point of sale. Now that can range from a reception desk where clients pay for dental work or having their hair done, to a checkout for supermarket groceries. Each POS or EPOS (electronic point of sale) will likely have a very varied range of equipment adapted and .
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