IZ00000002 iZettle Chip & Pin Reader

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The iZettle Chip & Pin Reader

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The iZettle Chip & Pin Reader allows you to take card payments via your smartphone or tablet.
Perfect for Restaurants, Hotels, Pop Up Stores, Hairdressers, Taxi Drivers, Salons and Retail, the brand new iZettle Chip & PIN Card Reader is a new way of taking Card Payments from customers and improving your business. This compact and stylish Card Reader allows you to take Payments from your mobile phone and tablet via the free app available on both the Android and Apple Markets.
There is no lock-in contract for this item, the only charge is a small fee from each transaction that reduces with the more Payments you receive. The fee starts at 2.75% and reduces to 1.50% per transaction when you take more Payments.
Easy to use and easy to setup, the iZettle Chip & PIN Card Reader is perfect for any business whether you have been going for years or even if you have only just started out.

Please note that EposDepo only supply the iZettle reader and you will need to create an account with iZettle to link the device to your bank account which can be done HERE

iZettle is a quick and easy way to take payments for your business without the hassle of going down the more traditional Chip and Pin readers that require merchant account applications.

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