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POS methods seem to change without warning

As consumers we often tend to mutter and mumble under our breath that no sooner have we got used to one thing than something new comes along. Now this is particularly relevant to POS or Point of Sale situations. You see it’s all about speed.

Remember the days when you would go to the supermarket and everyone in front of you paid by cheque, even for a packet of chewing gum and a bag of lemons? You used to dread being stuck behind people like this as it would add 5 minutes per person to the checkout routine. As a customer this wasn’t acceptable, and so things changed.

First you could pay with a credit card and the person would trap their fingers in the manual slide as it took a carbon imprint of your card – you would sign your name after the amount had been filled in and off you went. That only took three minutes but again you weren’t happy. So then came the chip and pin card readers.

Now we are talking business and at last POS stopped being so much of a problem if there was a queue. With chip and pin taking under a minute to complete a POS transaction, queues would get shorter and less time was wasted. It was a win-win situation and everyone was happy. Except those who were looking for an even quicker and more hassle-free way of paying at the checkout.

That’s right, you got it, you no longer need a credit card as you can use your smartphone to pay for goods now. At last it is possible to understand why they are called smartphones, as that is a really smart use of modern technology and as we don’t go anywhere without out mobile phone today, who needs a wallet? And if you think it is a totally new idea for POS situations there is an excellent article in the Daily Telegraph on how to travel across Japan just paying for everything with your smartphone. Can you believe we are already playing catch-up?

For the latest on what is happening with POS equipment why not contact us at our Swindon base near Stratton St Margaret and let us see what we can do for you.

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