Online Takeaway Ordering App Software

Your Business Can Have its Own Ordering App


EposDepo are pleased to offer the latest in Online Takeaway Food Ordering.

Are you looking to increase sales and make ordering food from your business quick and simple for your customers?

Look no further than our Online Food Ordering App for Android, iOS and Windows.

Recent studies have shown the trend is moving towards using mobile Apps on IOS, Android and windows mobile devices when it comes to takeaway food ordering with 2 major companies often taking the market.

These companies typically take a high percentage cost of the food order and does not disclose any of the client data to your business which as we know is key to growing your business through advertising and keeping your customers through loyalty schemes and promotions.

Here at EposDepo we have partnered with a powerful software distributor to bring your business all the benefits of an online ordering App while keeping you in control.

The ordering app is very cost effective and with a low one off set-up payment and a flat rate monthly fee of £150 you can be confident of a great App at a great price.

Here are the main benefits to our ordering App product:-

  • Improved customer experience – no queuing at busy times
  • Group booking and pre-ordering (e.g. Christmas)
  • Inexpensive flat monthly fees – no commission charges
  • Multi-channel (app, Facebook and web orders)
  • Totally client-branded and easily extensible for branding, loyalty, and bespoke content
  • Exceptionally rich customer contact information, order histories and analytics
  • Preoday is not an aggregator meaning no brand or customer disintermediation
  • Cashless – no “shrinkage”
  • Full control – self-managed menus, pricing, payments, offers, brand, and content
  • Better cash flow, superior stock control, less waste
  • Excellent and scalable API technology platform for easy integration with CRM, Loyalty, table booking, ticketing, ePoS and other management systems

Why spend £1000’s of your hard work when you can have your very own app available from the App store on IOS and Google Play on Android?

We can also help guide you in how to market your App and start getting customers to your App.

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In as little as 10 days, your business could have its very own food ordering app available in Google Play and the App store with customers downloading and ordering with just a low set up fee starting from £449 (depending on the site) and a flat rate fee of £150 per month.

Unlike some of the leading food ordering app companies, our App will not take a percentage of your sales and unlike the leading companies only 1 person will have access to your client data….YOU.

Start getting customers today and using this valuable data that is denied by other online ordering apps to help grow your business by sending regular specials and voucher codes to your existing customers.

The stats speak for themselves.

Talk to us today about how to get your very own Online Food Ordering App.

Ready to sign up or want to know more? why not contact us today and we would be happy to help.


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