EPOS is an acronym which is an abbreviation of the more long-winded Electronic Point of Sale. Now that may sound great, but to you or me, it just means the ‘checkout’, that place in a shop where you pay for what you want to buy. Electronic point of sale has been with us for longer than you might have expected. It was back in 1973 that IBM, the computer giant, developed the first electronic computer-linked checkout and till. Part of the idea behind the electronic point of sale was to make stocktaking easier, more accurate and more efficient.

In addition to stocktaking, EPOS also allowed businesses to gain an almost instant report on what goods were and were not selling well. Businesses thrive on data, and the EPOS system provided plenty of data! Move forward to 1986 and the EPOS was able to be connected to far simpler computer systems, such as a personal computer, making the EPOS more effective for the SME as well as the major businesses. Like it or not, but the retail sector was now becoming virtually totally computer oriented.

Of course the EPOS still needs to be operated and it is far from a totally electronic environment. After all, we still rely on a physical receipt, though for how much longer, we will have to wait and see. So when it comes to what is physically needed at an EPOS then consider the following:

  • Tills
  • Money Drawers
  • Thermal Printers
  • Label Printers
  • Till Rolls
  • Ink
  • Cables
  • Scanners
  • Touch Screens
  • Chip and Pin Readers
  • Repair Services

Now the above list covers just a few of the products and services we can offer you at EPOS DEPO. We have no doubt that as no two POSs are absolutely identical (unless in the same company/business) but we do our best to be able to supply everything needed. So to get a competitive quote for anything connected to your POS, please do get in touch and we will be delighted to try and help you.

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